Committed to love and family, Kayla specializes in helping people find their best path in life.

As a child, Kayla knew there was something different about her.  She was born with an innate knowing that there was more to life and existence than her native environment.  Growing up in a small town in Southern Minnesota, she knew she had to explore more about life, her natural talents, and helping others discover their greatness.  

Her mediumship skills evolved naturally from the age of 3, having seen deceased people, and people who have crossed over to the light.  She learned of other dimensions and realities by having conversations and dreams with spirits unseen.  Her downloads and dreams proved to be correct, having many intuited predictions come to pass.

Kayla's life path began years later when she started doing intuitive readings for others by way of mediumship: conversing with spirits, clients' higher selves, and energetic reads.  Her natural talent earned her recognition with thousands of followers around the globe.

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