Emergency Cord cut and Spiritual cleanse

Within 48 hours. Please consult first. A minimum donation of $350.

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Service Description

This is a deep clearing session that is done to remove karmic cords in your chakra system that are blocking you from your full divine path. This is a full reset for you to be free in your natural state that is rightfully yours. Karmic cords and programming can hold us back from who we truly are! Removing all of this and seeing truth without the blinders on can really help us find the divine path waiting for us to walk down. The divine paths are there, this will help you find it! The secret here is that our divine paths get taken from us so we take an oath to the less than divine paths that take away from who we are. Take your life back! Symptoms a Clearing may benefit you Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Confusion, Feeling less than worthy, Bad luck, losing money, partners or relationships that don't seem to get out of our energy, a feeling that someone is taking everything from us. Feeling you are in a continued rat race or cycle that never seems to let up or stop. Spell work is often cast out on us to blind us from truth so we can down paths that do not give us our full abundance and potential. Are you ready for this? We begin taking on karmic cords from a very young age from belief systems, traumatic events, we can have cords with people throughout our life that may be affecting our true identity. These cords may be still on his holding us back from our potential aligment of body mind and soul. Are you ready to remove these blocks and get the reset needed to move ahead into your original state? Please email: wickedvirgo0@gmail.com with a recent photo of yourself along with some information about yourself like what areas are you having problems in and so on. *There can be side effects with energy clearing* Some side effects include: emotional purging, skin rashes or blemishes, dehydration, and hunger. This is all part of the process of soul retrieval and clearings. There can be possible not so great side effects after the clearing as you clear your trauma and align with yourself. Payment Methods: PayPal or CashApp For PayPal, please email: kay_wangen@hotmail.com USD FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY NO GOODS AND SERVICES ACCEPTED. CashApp is preferred: $kaylaeiken Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a medical professional or legal professional. Any advice given is to be used at your own discretion. If you are in need of medical or legal advice, seek out a medical or legal professional. Please use common sense. Thank you.

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