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Trees From Above
Trees From Above


Pleasure to meet you, first of all!  Welcome to my page!  I am a strong believer that everyone has the opportunity to change and shift in the best direction they can be in!  Finding life purposes is something I am passionate about.  Allow me to use my life purpose to assist you in finding yours! I took the leap of faith and began my journey with my life purpose in 2015 and I never looked back .  I love guiding and assisting people with finding the answers they need within!   It is my pleasure to be of service and guidance assisting you on the journey home to self-alignment.  I am known for my witty sense of humor that I use in my work that'll help the journey coming home within yourself be full of fun and upbeat energy!  I believe we all should truly live, not exist!  We should allow the child like state of the soul shine through as we grow and succeed!

My Mission

I am here of service to assist everyone in guidance to their ultimate highest potential!  I want to see all of you go "home" to union within yourself and reach your ultimate potential.  This will also help guide you to divine union with your divine counterpart waiting for you once you've stripped away all holding you back! Divine unions will truly change this place in so many ways but there's secrets that need to be unlocked before achieving it. 

I am not your typical tarot reader; I have the gift of channeling energy right from source on a soul level!  My readings are known for being "creepily accurate!" As I read, I transmute the dark energy that may be in your way and assist you with the alignment of your ultimate path. 

I go beyond someone that just does readings for entertainment; I am a spiritual mentor here to guide you on the spiritual path to yourself. As someone who can channel direct energy, you will never find a reading that compares to what I can offer you.  I bring so much love and passionate into my work!  I also offer private mentoring sessions that will bring you to your best version of yourself.  I am here to help you find a life and a reason to truly live instead of simply existing.  

I want you to assist humanity with self-alignment home within themselves, find the answers they are looking for and clear all confusion blocking them. 

I want to see humanity back to their original state again whole within, in the place where they need and want to be to truly live.  Life doesn't have to be difficult, clear this karmic block today and allow yourself too truly live.  There is no reason anyone on this earth has to live according to the social demands and norms.  Are you ready to spread your wings and show the world who you truly are?

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