Trees From Above
Trees From Above

Hello there, I’m Kayla!

Coming from a small town in Southern Minnesota, I knew that I wanted to connect with people from all walks of life on a deeper level. With the ability to see, feel, and channel energy, I was guided intuitively to use this as a way to help others. 

My Mission

So how can I help you? Here’s what I do.

I am not a traditional tarot reader or spiritual mentor. When doing a reading or clearing, I go right to the soul. Bringing you insight into a connection, karmic blocks, chains and cords holding you back, and shadow work that needs to be done to begin healing.

My spiritual mentoring sessions provide you with authentic advice and direction on your journey within. We go into your situation and see what's holding you back from happiness and fulfillment. The advice I give you is based on your specific situation. As a bonus, I transmute and clear your energy while we speak in the meeting as well.

I give you guidance so you can find union within yourself. To truly find unconditional love within you first. Providing you with advice so that you can heal and grow. To be a sovereign human being. 

I want to see you grow, heal, and claim sovereignty within. You deserve a happy and fulfilling life! I am ready to guide you on how to do that.