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Readings are strictly for entertainment purposes ONLY.  Do not take the information given to you and replace it with medical or legal advice. Any readings services given or received by Kayla you are solely responsible for. Kayla is not held responsible for what you feel is accurate or inaccurate with her services.  Readings and clearing services are considered entertainment purposes only and not to be used beyond that.  Please use your common sense when taking information from a reading or prediction and apply it accordingly to your life.  



All information provided throughout my website, products, and services should not be taken as medical/health advice. I am not a medical/health professional. All information and advice provided through my website, products, and services are for entertainment purposes only. It should not replace the advice from a medical/health professional. I am not responsible for any actions that take place based on my website, products, or services. Your actions are your responsibility. Any content on my website, through services, and products are to be taken at your own discretion and risk. Please seek out advice, a diagnosis, and/or treatment from a medical/health professional if needed.  


By viewing my website and buying services and products, you agree to take full responsibility for your own actions. I am not responsible for how you take the information and use it for your life. Kayla takes zero responsibility. 

The content on my website, products, and services are for the intended use of those 18 years of age or older. When viewing my website and booking products and/or services, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older


There is no guarantee with any of the results from my products, services, and information provided on this website. I give you valuable information to see you heal, grow, and live a happy life. I do not promise a guaranteed result. You are responsible for your own actions and interpretations of the content/advice given. Results, whether successful or not, are based solely on your own efforts and personal situation. 

I do not guarantee any results from your previous experience with me to happen again. Every situation and outcome is different. Any results from other clients does not guarantee you will have the same result. 




Testimonials collected are accurate and truthful. You understand and agree that each individual situation/result is different and you or anyone else is not guaranteed the same.

Thank you!

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