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Ready to book?  Okay, here is where you begin!  Please click the text that says CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS to read up on details for your booking especially if you are new here. If you have been here before, just click the BOOK NOW button.

*Please read carefully on wait times, whether the service is business days or weekends.  The calendar date and time just secures your spot for you, it is not when you will get your booking.  

Payment Options

You will be contacted to submit payment via PayPal or CashApp. Payment must be received within 24 hours of booking or your booking will be canceled. 


*All services and advice are for entertainment purposes only I am not a medical licensed professional*


Refund Policy: No refunds.  If you do not show up for live readings or sessions, you lose your spot and a refund is not granted.

Thank you!

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